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         We always keep in mind that talents are the sprite of an enterprise that influences the corn competition ability of an enterprise. That is, the competition between enterprises is the competition for talents. Among all the factors that influence an enterprise, talents are the key factor, which is the representative of an enterprise’s competition ability. Holding on the managing tenet that “people-oriented”, and “make efforts to create opportunities for East Sea people”, East Sea has trained a group of skilled people who contribute to the rapid rising achievement of our company, and also become the important resource of our company’s growth.

1. MASTER SOKEN ELECTRICA administration aim of East Sea: to organize a group of candy machine exploring experts who are of international level, and a?team of workers who accord with the company’s developing requirements. Stick to “people-oriented”, with honesty and credit to fulfill the long existence of East Sea.
2. MASTER SOKEN ELECTRICA exploring principles of Ease Sea:
1). Stick to the principle of conception and system innovation.
2). Create an atmosphere of equity, justice, and openness.
3). Establish a set of systems that can fully exert personal potential.
4). Provide a stage for self-value fulfillment
3. MASTER SOKEN ELECTRICA managing policy of East Sea: admit people’s needs, regard people’s value, develop people’s potential, and encourage people’s creation.

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